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  • Adopt paper reciprocating mode.
  • One printing roller could do the job regardless the repeat size.
  • Adopt servo control system to control every roll in printing system, which makes the optimized performance of machine.
  • Optimization of ink rollers could prevent bar marking and ghosting to improve the printing quality.
  • The supply of ink will change proportionally with the speed of the machine to make printing result better.
  • Malfunction of the machine would be shown on the screen automatically, which will shorten the repair time.
  • Paper winding, feeding, printing, UV vanish, rotary die cutting, waste removal and rewinding will be completed in one pass.
  • This equipment is suitable for printing middle & upper class labels in large, middle and small batch of production.


    1 .The servo control system guarantees precise registration
    2 .The independent motor adjusts the ink system.



    3 .Vaccum paper feeding system.
    4 .Central inspection system.




    5 .Lateral & lineal Registration system.
    6 .Second pass system.




    7 .Intermittent & rotary interchange.
    8 .Unique dual function printing unit.
    9 .Superior ink transfer system.

    Modele 320
    Laize maxi de bobine 310mm
    Diamètre de bobine 700mm
    Laize maxi d'impression 290mm
    Vitesse d'impression 250 - 330 r/min
    Nombre de couleurs 6
    Longueur d'impression 50mm - 260mm
    Consommation 17,3Kw / 380v
    Dimensions 6800x1600x1400mm
    Poids 6000 Kg