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  • This machine carries out fully automatic function by putting up the pages, locking line, book separating, and book reception.
  • This machine adopts international advanced sewing technology, and it is easy for operation and adjustment.
  • It can be operated effectively only by one person.
  • It has high automation and automatic functions for paste, counting, cutting and separating, production statistics and so on.
  • The lubricants automatic control system, automatically carries out detection and control on lack, breaking, shrinks, jams and so on.
  • The machine is with high lock line precision and international practical needle distance (19mm) with close needle (1.5mm).
  • Lock line is firm, tidy and beautiful and prevents leak adhesive.
  • It is the ideal equipment for the large and medium-sized print factories, and binding and gluing binding books.

    Modele YTA-460
    Format 150x100mm - 460x300mm
    Vitesse 43-85 p/mn
    Nombre d'aiguilles 11
    Nombre de points 33
    Longueur de points 40mm / 48mm / 66mm
    Espace entre les points 19mm
    Puissance 1,65 Kw
    Dimensions 2400x1200x1460mm
    Poids 1500 Kg