• This machine applies to bind all kinds presswork of notebooks, books, magazines, ads and directions.
  • Generally, it has two nail head to bind and at most it has four nail head to bind.
  • No matter single united book or double united book can be stapled one time.
  • The machine adopts the frequency conversion timing system.
  • Which makes the work calm and timing conveniently and also bind stagger and non-stagger to meet the different requirements.
  • After the pages are put up by man-made, the machine can send the book, bind and withdraw automatically.
  • It has easy operation, convenient repair, low fault rate and big binding scope and so on.
  • Photocell control.
  • Non stitching detector.
  • Automatic counter.
  • Machine stops when paper jam.
  • Speed inverter.
  • Manual collation by feeding.
  • Automatic stitching and delivery.
  • Could be with 2 heads or 4 heads ( heads made in U.S.A. )

    Modele RE440C
    Format 127x89mm - 450x305mm
    Epaisseur des agrafes 0,2mm - 4mm
    Vitesse 30 - 90 agrafes/min
    Puissance 0,55 Kw
    Poids 400 Kg
    Dimensions 2380x1040x1420mm