• LE-4 drilling machine is a new type of automatic high speed drilling machine, which is developed by our company through importing foreign advanced technology on the home existing base.
  • The machine has four sets of bits equipments.
  • The bit works by the high speed rolling motor makes.
  • The machine drills holes by automatic movement of work bed-plate.
  • The machine clamps the bit by the way of drill clamping bit in order that overcome the bit clamping unstable shortcoming of home machines.
  • The machine has four bits equipments, so it has high efficiency.
  • The work bedplate can move from left to right.
  • Extend of distance between holes is large.
  • The machine has the simple operation,easy adjustment, little trouble and busy moving.
  • It is the best equipment of drilling and binding for all kinds of account book paper,binding factories and gift companies.

    Modele LE-4
    Diamètre de percage 3mm - 10mm
    Epaisseur du papier 0,05mm - 0,25 mm
    Distance entre les trous 42mm - 260mm
    Epaisseur maxi 120mm
    Puissance 2,25 Kw
    Poids 460 Kg
    Dimensions 950x860x1550mm