• The machine is a folio buckle-knife combination folding machine with a single-sheet feeder.
  • It can perform parallel folding 2 times when using buckle plate, while it can carry out straight folding 4 times when adopting a combination of the buckle plates and folding knives.
  • The machine can also complete drilling, creasing, and slitting operations during folding, according to your requirements.
  • Features of Combi Folding Machine with Electric Control Knife.
  • The machine will stop automatically in case of double sheets or paper jam.
  • It adopts Japan's Omron servo-controlled transmission system, PLC control system, high-precision photoelectric, approaching detection system, frequency conversion system, and color touch screen.
  • This knife is controlled by servo motor, safe and easy to operate and adjust.
  • Full detection, tracking, data display, and troubleshooting tips etc. are all achieved.

    Modele EIZA720
    Taille papier 150x200mm - 720x1090mm
    Grammage 40-200 g/m2
    Vitesse de pliage maxi 180 m/min
    Vitesse maxi des couteaux 260 coups/min
    Poches et couteaux 4 poches et 2 couteaux
    Puissance 6,5 Kw
    Poids 2590 Kg
    Dimensions 2070x1630x1470mm