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  • The equipment use dual-drive limitless velocity modulation work method, the power uses the speed reducer, gear box drive, big efficiency, big tighten pulley, strength tighten force, can coil the large diameter flat arch paper tube, convenient to adjust the leather belt's angle.
  • It can be adjusted tightness in the both sides of the belt, produce different diameters flat arch paper tube.
  • The produces has a fine external, high intensity and fast.
  • And it selects two-sided starching method, the rubber brushes automatically, and high efficiency.
  • The tube cutting use the automatic dual-blade photo electricity to cut tube, the margin is smooth.

    Modele XI 308B-1
    Diamètre manchon 35mm - 180mm
    Couches 2 - 20
    Epaisseur 2mm - 12mm
    Vitesse 5-12 m/min
    Consommation 7,5Kw - 11Kw
    Dimensions 2500x1250x1220mm
    Poids 3500Kg - 12800Kg