• OJX-ZQ20/NP pack to pack collator is mainly used in the subsequent process of commercial bill and stationery printing.
  • This machine could print numbers on the first sheet and uses wheel-rotary type pin positioning to collate.
  • With the advantage of frequency conversion setting speed and paper lack detect control device,this machine runs stably,collates exactly and fold the printed sheet as the original size.
  • It is easy to adjust and operate.


    Modele OJX-ZQ20/NP
    Epaisseur du papier 35-120 g/m²
    Laize maxi. 20"
    Pas de numérotation 17" - 28"
    Taille web 7" - 14"
    Vitesse maxi. 100 m/min
    Poids total 652 Kg