• Heavy duty mechanism structure. Cast iron pedestal, frame‚cylinders etc. have the good intension and tenacity, ensuring high stability and good printing impression.
  • Underswing feeder, paper transferring structure is used high point gripper closed structure, insuring paper transferring system more stably.
  • Double diameter impression cylinder and triple diameter transferring cylinder are available, reducing the times of paper connection, improving register precision.
  • Plate cylinder and blanket cylinder go through with bearer, running stably, ensuring qualified printing image.
  • Plate adjustment function in vertical, lateral and cocking position. The minimum adjustment is based on 0.01mm, saving auxiliary adjustment time.
  • Semi-automatic plate loader and tightening equipment, make the plate loading more easy and convenient, shorten plate changing time, improving working efficiency.
  • Vacuum sucker table, 3 sucker type paper feed tape insures all kinds of paper conveying.
  • Pneumatic control system, ensuring the press more stably.
  • High precision imported bearing, ensuring cylinder impression even in the high speed rotation.
  • Chromed cylinder, prolongs the operation life.
  • Automatic centralized oiling system, prolongs the working life.
  • Operators are under protection because of the installation of safety guard.
  • Auto ink roller cleaning equipment, shortens cleaning time, increases the color changed speed, reduces the labor work of operator.(OPTIONAL)
  • Alcohol dampening solution, continuous water feed, insuring water balance during printing.
  • Automatic water volume tracking device, the water volume could be changed according to the running speed of the machine after the water volume fixed.
  • PLC device and touch-screen operating.
  • Remote ink control(OPTIONAL)

    Modele OJX564AL
    Format 200x155mm - 560x400mm
    Epaisseur du papier 0,04mm - 0,4mm
    Impression maxi 545x380mm
    Vitesse 3000-12000 feuilles/heure
    Hauteur maxi de la pile de marge 600mm
    Reception Par chaîne
    Hauteur maxi de la pile de recette 430mm
    Nombre de rouleaux par groupe 17 rouleaux encreurs
    4 rouleaux mouilleurs
    Course d'ajustement vertical 20mm
    Micro course d'ajustement vertical 1mm
    Micro course d'ajustement latérale 2mm
    Alimentation 380V (3 Phases) / 50Hz / 13Kw
    Dimensions 4200x2320x1710mm
    Poids 8300 Kg