• Product on the base of OJX155 2-Color Offset Press for continuous Stationery Printing, adding lay-roll and control-roll devices, organized construction.
  • It can printing roll cylinder continuous stationery printing.
  • Main drive can also work with accordion continuous stationery printing separately.
  • Invariable tension control,good control-roll quality.
  • Accordion and roll-cylinder continuous stationery printing.
  • Advanced digital serve motor drive.
  • Advanced touch screen display system.
  • High precision paper conver track.
  • Continuous paper feeding,convenient adjustmeng.
  • More easy and fast for high qualityb and specialized form printing.


    Modele OJX155-JJ
    Laize 381mm
    Longueur de papier 7"- 14"
    Diamètre maxi des
    rouleaux de papier
    Epaisseur papier 0,06mm - 0,2mm
    Impression utile 380x355mm
    Vitesse 4000 - 6000 feuilles/h
    Alimentation 220V / 50Hz
    Puissance 1,3 Kw
    Dimensions 1130x930x820mm
    Poids total 1000 Kg