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  • Fašonnage automatique de la spirale Ó partir de la bobine de fil, insertion automatique, pliage automatique du crochet.
  • Un outil compris, plusieurs outils possibles en option.
  • The machine is widely used for binding notebook, workbook, calendar and so on.

  • The wire is unwound from a spool, straightened and smoothed by the special rectifying tools of the machine and then is guided via guide-rollers to the mandrel which forms the spiral and regulates the spiral diameter.
  • The pre-punched product is placed onto the book supports.
  • By starting the machine the spiral is introduced into the perforation.
  • The needed spiral length can be adjusted at the electronic wire length control.
  • The machine stops automatically when the wire reaches the required length and then the spiral is cut off and both spiral ends are bend inwards.
  • The machine is ready for the next cycle.

    Modele CX-420B
    Laize 100-400mm
    Distance entre les trous 5mm / 6,3mm / 7,9mm / 8,4mm
    Vitesse 700 livres/h
    Consommation 0,75Kw / 220V / 50Hz
    Dimensions 2000x1500x1800mm
    Poids 150 Kg