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Modèle Laize UE Hors UE
UZ-8800 800mm 54 200 € 34 000 €
UZ-81200 1200mm 59 700 € 39 800 €

  • Easy operation, flexible starting, accurate color register.
  • The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements, stop the machine automatically at the quantity or when the material is cut off.
  • Pneumatic printing cylinder lift and lower, it will stir the printing ink automatically after lifting.
  • The printing ink is spread by the anilox cylinder with even ink color.
  • Reliable drying system coordinated with high-speed rotation, it will automatically break circuit when the machine stops.
  • 360 continuous and adjustable longitudinal register device.
  • The frequency control of motor speed adapts to different printing speeds.
  • Suitable for printing the packing material as PE and PP plastic bags, glass papers rolling papers, etc.


    Model UZ-8800 UZ-81200
    Color 8
    Printing Extrance Width 800mm 1200mm
    Printing Width 760mm 1160mm
    Max unwinding diameter 600mm
    Max rewinding diameter 600mm
    Length of printing product 200mm - 1000mm
    Diameter of Roll Material 450mm
    Printing Speed 10-50 m/min
    Thickness of printing Plate 2,38mm
    Overall Dimension 4600×1800×3350mm 4600×2000×3500mm
    Weight 6000 Kg 6500 Kg