• The main motor adopts imported inverter to govern a stepples speed adjustment.
  • The printing units are all equipped with a group of infrared dryers respectively.
  • Each IR dryer device of printing unit is interchangeable to UV dryer.
  • Feeding and rewinding are controlled through magnetic particle brake and clutch (Japanese Mitsubishi autotension controller).
  • Un winder and re winder adopt air core holder.
  • Three unit rotary cut with stand-roller make multi-cut can be processed.
  • Adopt ceramic anliox roller which offers durability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, also is more efficient on produ-ction by reducing the times of changing rollers.
  • The printing unit can register in 360 degrees.
  • Each printing unit can be independently geared and loosen to have rest of units continue to printing.
  • The inking roller will be automatically off impression when press stop and rotate at lower speed in order to keep the ink from being drying.
  • Paper unwind, printing, UV vanish, laminating, rotary diecutting, waste removal and rewinding can be processed in one pass.
  • It has characterized by wide application, fast printing speed and high economic efficiency ink will not contaminate environment.
  • So it is an idea printing machine for the business form, Tag and high end pressure sensitive label.

    Modele ZSM-450
    Largeur 450mm
    Largeur d'impression 430mm
    Impression de tour 175mm - 380mm
    Diamètre maxi de débobinage 700mm
    Diamètre maxi rembobinage 700mm
    Vitesse 10-70 m/min
    Nombres de couleurs 6
    Précision +/- 0,15mm