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  • Auto slitting machine RG-320 type is a complete set of equipment for full automatic roll trademark printing machine and roll die cutting machine.
  • It is applicable to slit the narrow scope paper, automatic countingthe length(meter) , quantity of paper(piece) and setting the length, automatic stopping, giving an alarm and unreeling, Germany magic eye automatic correcting the error, inflatable shaft receiving material, tension controlling.
  • So it is of tight construction and is characterized by quickness, accurate slitting, ease of operation and stable firm running.

    Modèle RG-320
    Laize maxi 320mm
    Diamètre maxi bobine mère 500mm
    Laize mini bobines filles 10mm
    Précision 0,3mm
    Vitesse maxi 70 m/min
    Dimensions 1500x1000x1200mm
    Poids 430 Kg