• Adopts four-column and three-plate structure, the active plate paralleling with the working surface in high precision, four precise guide sleeves leading to highly precise down-pressing plumb.
  • The cylinder being adjustable, the lower dead point positioned in high precision and the repeating precision up to 0.01mm.
  • The equipment hydraulic unit is set inside the frame, compact and elegant.
  • Under the working platform is installed with the caster and foot cup, allowing the press to move conveniently and be operated in a laborsaving and high-efficient way.
  • The upper and lower templates can be additionally adopted to add heating device and imported intelligent temperature controller; the temperature difference can be as precise as ±1°C; the upper and lower templates can be controlled separately to allow for convenient operation.
  • The middle template can be additional adopted to add force transducer and display to precisely display the force imposed on the product so as to complete the undergoing work.
  • The electronic ruler or grating ruler and display can be additionally added to precisely display the situation of the oil cylinder displacement so as to complete the undergoing work.
  • Die cutting of the silicagel and plastic buttons of various handsets or remote control, whole or partial cutting of plastic products.
  • Cutting of protective film of LCD screen of various handsets, digital cameras and notebook computers, precise cutting and half cutting-off of various adhesive tapes and trademarks.
  • Raising, bulging and forming of various film switches and film plates made of PV, PE and PC, etc.
  • Pressing and forming of flexible circuits and lines of keyboards of various notebook computers.


    Modele 105-5T
    Force pression 10-70 Kg/cm2
    Puissance 3HP / 380V
    Débit de pompe hydraulique 30 L/min
    Pression maxi de pompe hydraulique 70 Kg/cm2
    Format de plaque chauffant (haut et bas) 500x240mm
    Précision parallèle 0,05mm
    Précision répétition 0,01mm
    Mode opératoire Manuel / automatique
    (bouton à deux mains)
    Pression 900Kg - 5000Kg
    Verrin 100mm
    Course de tank 100mm - 150mm
    Vitesse descente 80 mm/seconde
    Format travail 500x240mm
    Hauteur travail maxi 210mm
    Poids 350 Kg