• ZQ60 rounding and backing machine used for rounding and backing block is specialized in marking hard covers books.
  • The machine has a marked indicator.
  • It is easy for adjustment, and it is convenient for operating however the action is very reliable.
  • PY60 rounding and backing machine is a piece of necessary equipment for making hard cover books.

  • Put the block that has been sewed and glued on a conveyer, a pusher will send the block to the rounding position automatically.
  • A clamping frame grips the block and the rounding rollers of both sides press the block, rotating and going up at the sime time, a round spaine i sto be shaped at will, then the transfer device will clamp the rounded block and send it to the backing position, the backing roller whose height and swing range have been adjusted beforehand, will touch the spine of the block and swing to and fro, as a result, a wanted hinge will be shaped.
  • At last the rounded and backed block is delivered by a conveyer mechanism.

    Modele ZQ60
    Epaisseur du bloc de page 15mm - 60mm
    Taille du bloc 94x127mm - 297x310mm
    Vitesse maxi 301 blocs/min
    Poids 3000 Kg
    Dimensions 2500x1500x1800mm