KHT WVH-1100/1300

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  • This machine is used for both flood and spot varnishing on light and thick paper with accurate and even spot coating register.
  • It is suitable for spot or full coating on words and graphics in books, advertisement sheets, color paperboard to enhance its dimensional quality.
  • Many safeguards and human-based operating procedures ensure user safety and convenience.
  • Imported elements for main bearings and electrical components are adopted in the machine.

    Modele KHT WVH 1100 KHT WVH 1300
    Format du papier 310x400mm - 850x1100mm 310x400mm - 850x1285mm
    Format maxi d'impression 760x1060mm 800x1260mm
    Vitesse maxi 5000 feuilles/h
    Lampe UV 3x 9,75Kw
    Secheur IR (en option) 15x 1,5Kw 15x 2Kw
    Consommation 45 Kw
    Grammage 80-600 g/m2
    Poids 6600 Kg 7500 Kg
    Dimensions 7600x2600x1950mm 7600x2900x1950mm