HTTA 1000


  • This machine is used to coat on paper with common varnish.
  • After IR drying the brightness, damp-proof and abrasion-resistance of paper can be increased.
  • For paper of higher brightness, this machine by which paper is coated can be combined with calendering machine manufactured by us.
  • This machine can be used to under-coat on paper before UV coating in order to save expensive oil. Water based varnish is suitable for the factory or paper requested for environmental protection.
  • If automatic feeder and automatic delivery are both adopted, the operation will be much more convenient.
  • Light paper stripping device, automatic stop device when paper is rolled up and cleaner can be optional.

    Modele HTTA 1000
    Format maxi 650x950mm
    Vitesse maxi 4500 feuilles/h
    Puissance des lampes IR 24 Kw
    Grammage 80-600 g/m2
    Poids 3600 Kg
    Dimensions 11500x1500x1300mm