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  • The complex production technology and optical variability of the holographic images form a security feature which can not be copied, forged or imitated.
  • Produces a low cost solution to point of issue security by applying a sophisticated holographic image onto your document.
  • Documents can be personalised with variable data, or signed.
  • Spectrogram protects against forgery, counterfeiting, duplication and alteration - providing immediate document authentication.
  • For point of issue documents, and documents produced on demand - such as cheques, insurance certificates, entrance tickets, transport passes, customers forms, travel documents, ID cards, visas, licenses, logbooks, vouchers, diplomas, bonds, saving books, warranty or brand certificates, etc.
  • In fact, any document that is negotiable has a face value or contains important information.
  • Paper from 80gsm to Plastic Cards can be foiled by the HAGUE SECUROGRAM.
  • The shape as well as the relief of the block can be engraved to suit specific needs, for example to represent a company logo or complex design.
  • The block may be easily changed.
  • The unit has integral security that comprises of two key controls.
  • This together with a non-resetable meter and register ensures total operator and audit control.
  • A third key is used to gain access into the machine.

    Modele UX-33B
    Format table 340x230mm
    Format image maxi 38x70mm
    Profondeur 235mm
    Distance entre le centre de la plaque
    chauffante et le bout de la table
    Course verticale de la plaque chauffante 10mm
    Mode de déclanchement manuel / automatique par cellule
    Profondeur 16 Mpa
    Température 0°C - 300°C
    Puissance 340x340x370mm
    Poids 35 Kg
    Dimension 340x340x370mm