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  • With two lay guides, books are stacked and arranged manually.
  • Infeed clamp sends the books into trimming station with untrimmed edges at front and then pressing board fixes the books in place.
  • Electromagnetic braking motor of superior braking performance.
  • Simplified design facilitates easy operation, repair and maintenance.
  • Gear and cam transmission system guarantees accurate trimming process with lower noise.
  • Wearproof blade improves trimming efficiency.
  • Suitable for various kinds of paperbounds, hardcovers, magazines, etc.

    Modele TR70
    Taille maxi non coupée 410x270mm
    Hauteur de pile 70mm
    Vitesse 16-23 cycle/min
    Puissance 3,4Kw - 5,2Kw
    Poids 2500 Kg
    Dimensions 1720x1900x1695mm