AYT 430


  • The casting main structure and aluminum alloy frame has long useful time and low vibration.
  • Frequency controlled starting, easy for speed governing.
  • Easy to set the bundle number on Touch screen.
  • The machine speed and total output are displayed on the touch screen.
  • Can find the very place in case the bundle was omitted and make up.
  • During running the machine will automatically stop if no bundle feed and will continue after feeding by manual.
  • It will alarm again if force to continue running without make up.
  • All running parts have safety cover.

    Modele AYT 430
    Format 150x100mm - 430x210mm
    Vitesse 20-85 p/min
    Nombre d'aiguilles 10
    Espaces entre les points 19mm
    Puissance 2,22 Kw
    Dimensions 2800x1760x1500mm
    Poids 1800 Kg