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  • It can continuously do the unit of three cut on the working flow.
  • It also can do the safest working unit of three cut.
  • By the simple change, it can uses the manual to cut the size (80x80-144x105)mm book or cut the book of width is bigger than 260mm.

  • The main gear wheel and intermittent framework are lubricated by the oil.
  • The important joint uses the scroll or needle bearing.
  • The front and sides both use the device of knife fleetly change.
  • The board is a plug-in structure and needn't combine.
  • The main machine and book-out board have unaided frequency conversion device.
  • After the book coming through the conveyer belt, the machine will separate the book automatically, go to correctly, consolidation, cut three sides, arrange book automatically.
  • Under the machine is non-stop working, it could adjust the cutting size of books breadth.
  • And also it has a chip rentoval tundish so that the wastepaper can expel from the pipeline.
  • The pivotal part for cam corrected the data by the computer.
  • The machining center finishes cambered processing, it insures the precision of the cutting size.
  • The machine will be lubricated when it panseals and counts time automatically.
  • None but the less parts need supply the machine oil on schedule.
  • The button of the electronic box screen can do the speed setting for the motor, it also can do the time setting for winding and spraying.
  • Through the 'open page' operation can display the safe state from every parts of machine.
  • It is quite simple and reliable.

  • Modele ATR 380
    Mode automatique Mode manuel
    Format maxi 380x260mm 380x300mm
    Taille de coupe mini 144x105mm 80x80mm
    Epaisseur de coupe 4mm - 60mm 4mm - 100mm
    Vitesse maxi 2200 cycles/heure
    Consommation 7,5 Kw
    Poids 3500 Kg