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  • This machine consists of frame, transmission, book presser, cam, side cutter, front cutter, book carrier, vertical and horizontal book arranging device, book-out shelf and electric control etc.
  • The main transmission is roller bearing structure with bath lubrication, well-tight seal and non-leaking.
  • The manipulator is used for book arranging device to govern book out in good order.
  • The operator only put book pile before carrier, then this machine can auto finish all the action reliably.
  • This machine is fully closed in to prevent from wastepaper.
  • The foot switch is equipped to control magnetic clutch (brake) alone, thus it is more Convenient and safer to operate it manually.
  • The oil feeder is equipped to lubricate machine timely and rationally except a few guide rail surfaces.
  • The fast-positioning cutter apparatus is used for front cutter and side cutter in order to reduce time of cutter replacing.
  • The leaning cutter device that has applied patent and it is equipped to avoid paper tearing for having good quality of book.
  • The variable frequency control is used for master motor and the counting device is used for book-out shelf, both of them can display on screen clearly.
  • The technical functions of the machine come up to advanced international standards.

    Modele TR420
    Taille de coupe 80x80mm - 420x300mm
    Hauteur de coupe maxi 100mm
    Vitesse 20-28 coupe/min
    Puissance moteur 4 Kw
    Dimensions 2300x2050x1676mm
    Poids 3000 Kg