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  • This machine is special for bookbinding and easy to control and operate.
  • It's well received by both large and small bookbinding factories.
  • Wid erange of binding. Bound with six pieces of threads for either thick or thin books.
  • Safety operation: A break wheel with stell sheath is installed on the main shaft. The tightness of the well can be adjusted through the nut on one end so as to let latch needle arm stop at the most outside and reduce the speed to prevent danger from putting printing paper or books into the machine. An electromagnetism-cluch on the machine, so it's very safe and easy to operate.
  • Hight efficiency: It's unnecessary to stop the machine when putting into books for binding.
  • Hight output: Just insert the waxed thread without taking out the needle clampert when the thread is broken so as to save time and increase the output.
  • Long service: All rotary parts in that machine are well lubricated. Cams are driven by the rulling pulleys which provide less abrasion and long service life.

    Modele YT 01A YT 01C
    Taille maxi 400x250mm
    Taille mini 150x100mm
    Vitesse 45-55 p/min
    Nombre d'aiguilles 10 11
    Puissance moteur 0,55 Kw
    Dimensions 1530x1250x1445mm
    Poids 500 Kg