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  • The cover feeder adopts back-push feeding system, which is controlled pneumatically, with simple and reasonable structure.
  • The distance between stacker and feeding table is adjusted concentrically in the centre.
  • The cardboard feeding table is controlled by liner guide and servo motor, cardboard transferring is controlled by servo motor also, and cardboard registering by high-precise photoelectric cell.
  • In the cardboard feeding table, the machine can automatically stop when lack of paper, to reduce paper waster.
  • Special register correction mechanism could make cardboard precisely location, which completely solve the register tolerance.
  • Power air sucker is equipped on conveyor belt, to feed paper more stably and accurately, and the conveyor belt transferring is controlled by one of servo motor.
  • Paper feeding and positioning system adopts imported high-precise photoelectric control device, to make paper and cardboard location more accurate and stable.
  • The automatic four-edge folding machine postpositional adopts special automatic angle-repair and edge-repair processes, to ensure the qualification of finished products.

  • This machine adopts automatic feeding system for paper, automatic register device for cardboard. There are features of accurate, quick registering, beautiful finished products. It is used to make extra binding book covers, hanging calendars and files etc.
  • Material of cover sheet: Printed paper, Embossed paper, Coated paper, Backed vinyl, Cloth.
  • Material of substrate: Paperboard, Chipboard, Corrugated board, Wood, Masonite, Plastic.
  • Material of Glue: Hot animal glue, cold glue.

  • Format papier 170x270mm - 780x530mm
    Grammage 100-200 g/m2
    Epaisseur carton 1,5mm - 3,0mm
    Nombre de carton 4 pièces (en option: 5 à 6 pièces)
    Vitesse 20-30 pièces/min
    Précision +/- 0,5mm
    Format calendrier ou couverture 140x240mm - 750x500mm
    Consommation 13,5Kw / 380V
    Dimensions 8500x2380x1400mm
    Poids 2800 Kg