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  • MODEL NGEL-720 900 1000 1200 quickly laminator with small taken-up area, easy to operarte, quick speed, having automatic temperature comtrol and speed adjustment, and function of automatically carrying paper, meanwhile it can cut manyrolls and surplus materials once, it can replace cutter.
  • This machine takes BOPP as material, it can autom-atically laminate film single face and doubleface once, it can widely apply to surface of laminating film for window type packing box, food box, books and periodicals, drawing sheet, advertisment, document, radium glasses and etc.
  • Products, print after laminating can be waterproof, durable, clear picture and strong third dimension.

    Modele 720 900 1100 1200
    Largeur maxi de pelliculage 620mm 820mm 900mm 1100mm
    Vitesse 0-20 m/min
    Temperature 60C - 130C
    Puissance moteur 0,4 Kw 0,55 Kw 0,75 Kw 1,1 Kw
    Puissance de chauffage 2,4 Kw 3,6 Kw 4,8 Kw 5,4 Kw
    Alimentation 220V / 50HZ 380V / 50HZ
    Poids 260 Kg 380 Kg 480 Kg 600 Kg
    Dimensions 115x110x140cm 145x110x140cm 155x110x145cm 175x125x145cm