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  • This machine can dissect, cut and rewind materials from 50 gram to 800 gram in weight, such as various paper, polypropylene and polyethylene for printing and packing, composite material, monolayer aluminium foil, and so on.
  • It has the features of photoelectricity tracing rectification system, hydraulic rectification system,rolling materials automatic hoist, precise dissection width, high working speed, etc.
  • It is specializing in slit paper and some rigid material into small jumbo roll, we can supply the width from 1100mm to 2800mm machine, it can cut the Max.
  • Paper roll width is 2800mm wide and 1500mm diameter.
  • Unwinding/rewinding diameter is 1500mm.
  • It adopts our latest technology: Double Frequency Inverter to control the material feeding and tension separate.
  • Which has a merits of higher speed, higher precision and stable function.
  • It adopts Programmed Control System and meter counter.
  • It adopts PLC control and touch screen.
  • It adopts Automatic Tension Control System which assume the constant tension for the material feeding.
  • It adopts automatic loading system.
  • It is used to slit and rewind materials from 50gsm to 800gsm in thickness, such as various paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, lamination material, and monolayer aluminum foil so on.
  • It adopts double Emerson Frequency Inverter system(PLC) and it has features of photocell tracing system, (hydraulic rectification system is available), automatic loading system, precision and high speed etc.

    Modele KGR1100C KGR1300C KGR1600C KGR1800C
    Puissance 3 Kw 4,5 Kw 6 Kw 7,5 Kw
    Vitesse 16 - 260 m/min
    Diamètre maxi bobine mère 1500mm
    Diamètre maxi bobines filles 1500mm
    Poids 2500 Kg 3300 Kg 4100 Kg 4900 Kg
    Dimensions 2600x2200x1600mm 2600x2400x1600mm 2600x2600x1600mm 2600x2800x1600mm

    Modele KGR2100C KGR2300C KGR2500C KGR2800C
    Puissance 9 Kw 10,5 Kw 12 Kw 15 Kw
    Vitesse 16 - 260 m/min
    Diamètre maxi bobine mère 1500mm
    Diamètre maxi bobines filles 1500mm
    Poids 5700 Kg 6500 Kg 7300 Kg 8000 Kg
    Dimensions 2600x3000x1600mm 2600x3200x1600mm 2600x3400x1600mm 2600x3500x1600mm