• This machine dissect various fax paper, cash register paper, film, self adhesive trade marks, and other paper less than 250gram in weight.
  • Adopting surface windup mode, it is advanced equipment at home and abroad.
  • Unwinding Stand Adopts 3" Pneumatic Air Expanding Shaft.
  • Adopts Constant Automatic Tension Control System.
  • Adopts Pneumatic Paper Inserter system to insert the paper onto rewinding shaft.
  • Adopts imported Frequency Inverter (2.2Kw) to control speed, and speed is displayed on the control panel.
  • Adopts Panasonic PLC control and whole computer Touch Screen to operate.
  • Transmission Shaft adopts level adjustment system.
  • Adopts Magnetic Brake to control tension 10Kg/mē x 1pc.
  • Adopts high precision Round Cutter to Slit.
  • Adopts Surface Rewinding System.
  • Adopts Waste Edge Blower System to blow out the waste edge.
  • Adopts Emergency stop switch.
  • Adopts Automatic Counting System to count slitting length.

    Modele 900
    Laize bobine mère 900mm
    Diamètre bobines mères 1200mm
    Diamètre maxi bobines filles 200mm
    Vitesse maxi 150 m/min
    Grammage maxi 250 g/m2
    Précision +/- 0,15mm
    Puissance 2,2 Kw
    Poids 1600 Kg
    Dimensions 2050x1700x1500mm