CSN NU 220


  • The machines is fit for opening window and sticking film for disc, paper ban and western-style envelope, and its structure trait; draw paper by suction from underside and no stop machine to add paper.
  • Detaching paper by blowing is steady and reliably.
  • Applying glue by wheel insure the glue even.
  • It is convenient and credible that no-degree derailleur regulates film's length.

  • Modele NU 220
    Format papier maxi 380x480mm
    Format papier mini 100x175mm
    Format fenetre maxi 130x180mm
    Format fenetre mini 55x30mm
    Epaisseur film 0,03mm - 0,08 mm
    Vitesse 5000 - 12000 p/h
    Puissance 3,7 KW
    Dimensions 2300x1050x1450mm
    Poids 1800 Kg