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  • This machine is suitable for all kinds of books, calendars paper, tutorial paper, PP and so on material for batched punch hole.
  • This machine collection the functions of automatic separating , punching, and receiving paper together, it will enormous enhancement production efficiency.
  • The succinct reasonable structural design, Itís your best choice for batch punching.
  • Simple and fast size adjustment, easy and fast change of punching moulds.
  • The smart separate paper organization does not have to turn over the paper then to guarantee the order, high compatibility, low failure rate.
  • The simple operating system does not need the specialized experience then with ease to operate.
  • Good quality punching, clean punching without rag, accurate punching-position
  • Special punching moulds according to customer requirements.

    Modele BQT 320
    Format maxi du papier 320x320mm
    Format mini du papier 125x105mm
    Epaisseur maxi 2mm
    Vitesse 700-4000 coups/h
    Puissance 220V / 50Hz
    Dimensions 1800x900x1300mm
    Poids 500 Kg