• This folding machine adopts folio knife comprehensive mechanical knife, is used for one sheet folding, four fences and three knives.
  • When adopting fence folding four-time parallel folding can be performed, the type can be parallel folding, organ folding, reel folding.
  • When adopting comprehensive folding, three-time vertical folding can be performed, there in, the third vertical folding direction can be adjusted as instructed 32mo digest fold can be optional.
  • During folding punching, creasing and perforating can be handled.

  • Folding roller is straight-grain, straight-circle structure, polyurethane rubber casting, completely solves the problem between rubber and steel.
  • This machine completely solves the problem that the paper does not enter the fence, each sheet can go into the fence.
  • Blank-sheet detector is optional, which can effectively control the blank shell feeding to next process.

  • Modele EIZA660
    Taille maxi du papier 660x1040mm
    Taille mini du papier 150x200mm
    Papier utilisable 40-180 g/m2
    Vitesse de pliage maxi 160 m/min
    vitesse maxi des couteaux 160 coups/min
    Poches et couteaux 4 poches et 2 couteaux
    Puissance 5,3 Kw
    Dimensions 5010x2500x1650mm
    Poids 2430 Kg