• Four buckle plates and two knives can carry out parallel folds and cross folds, and can be combined flexibly at request to realize various folding patterns.
  • Each buckle plate is with swing deflector.
  • High performance sheet-separating feeder-head.
  • Automatic pile height control device.
  • Photoelectrical-controlled knives realize high speed, superior reliability.
  • Precise, nonskid, wearproof, Steel-PU folding roller.
  • High precision helical gears guarantee perfect synchronization and low noise.
  • Programmable Logical Controller and frequency-change speed regulator in electric control system.
  • Double sheet detector and jammed sheet detector monitor sheet travel and pause transmission automatically while such problems occur.
  • Scoring, perforating, and slitting at request.
  • Touch screen visualizing all operating functions in a simple and clearly arranged way with malfunction display facilitates parameter input and trouble shooting.
  • Rulers and digital readout facilitate adjustment
  • Production counting and batch counting.
  • Blank-sheet detector is optional, which can control the blank sheet feeding to next process.

    Modele EIZA490
    Taille maxi du papier 490x700mm
    Taille mini du papier 150x200mm
    Papier utilisable 52-180 g/m2
    Vitesse de pliage maxi 180 m/min
    vitesse maxi des couteaux 300 coups/min
    Poches et couteaux 4 poches et 2 couteaux
    Puissance 6,3 Kw