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  • Cet équipement permet l'impression de cinq couleurs, le slitting, l'accompagnement, le slotting, la coupe d'angle.
  • Il dispose d'une alimentation de tableau de chaîne et une conduite stable.
  • La phase est ajustée manuellement.

  • It can a compound equipment integrated one-color to five-color printing, slitting, creasing, trimming, slotting, angle-cutting, punching and die cutting on corrugated paperboard at one process, featured with chain board feeding and stable driving. The phase is adjusted manually.
  • All the units can be separated by electrical motor and interlocked pneumatically.
  • The machine is equipped with pneumatic diaphragm pump and automatic circulation ink-supplying.
  • The anilox roller and pattern plate can be lifted or lowered pneumatically.
  • The ink guide system is equipped with automatic idle unit to avoid ink accumulating on the anilox roller when stopping the machine.
  • The electronic counter can preciously control the carton quantity.
  • The slotting cutter is specially designed and made with longer service life.
  • The die cutting rubber roller is fitted with rubber pad repair facility and differential compensating unit.
  • It is means featuring low cost, high efficiency and easy operation.

    STAKER :

  • Modèle NLZC II
    Format carton maxi 900x2000mm
    Format carton mini 280x600mm
    Format maxi d'impression 900x1900mm
    Nombre de couleurs 1
    Vitesse maxi 60 feuilles/min
    Précision +/- 1mm
    Epaisseur clichés maxi 7,2mm
    Profondeur de rainage 300mm
    Puissance 380V / 50Hz
    Emplacement minimum entre les couteaux 160x160x160x160mm