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  • This machine can fulfill the processes such as paperboard printing (1-4 colors), creasing, edge trimming, slotting, corner cutting, hole punching... in one cycle automatically.
  • Vacuum suction push-plate auxiliary paper feed of precision and reliability (Customers are able to choose the Korean belt type leading feeder or rolling type leading feeder).
  • The main motor adopts conversion control and is stable in run.
  • Touch screen PLC control including the functions of count register, speed indication, skip paper feed and alarm...

  • The phases of printer, slotter are displayed with digital meter.
  • Printing unit, slotting unitare all equipped with reset devices.
  • The collision proof device is installed in the impression and slotting synchronous movement regulation section of slotting unit.
  • Main transmission gear moves precisely, for the sake of the part is made of quality steel alloy and teeth precisely milled to render them stable performance.
  • The bearings are purchased from THK Japan and other well known makers in China.
  • The major electric control components are purchased from Schneider France, Omron Japan, Elco Swiss and well known makers in Shanghai Renmin China.
  • The key free connecting ring features in high precise transmission and accurate printing and registering.
  • The main motor start protection: first press the start button, the machine will not move, then will start after pressing the button second time 3 seconds later for confirmation so as to eliminate the mistaken operation.
  • Each machine unit engagement/disengagement and pneumatic lock are done automatically in turns, the alarm sounds when units are shifting to secure the operators safety, units brake automatically to secure the printing at original position.
  • Quick gap manual micro regulating self locker with features of easiness and fastness.
  • Emergency stop protection: the emergency switch is installed nearby for more protection.
  • The splashing lubrication enables oil stored in every gear oil tank and circulated with oil pump to facilitate constant splashing oiling.


    STAKER :

    Modele NLZA II 1200x2400
    Format carton maxi 1200x2400mm
    Format carton mini 230x650mm
    Marge en skip feed 1100x1900mm
    Format maxi d'impression 1200x2300mm
    Nombre de couleurs 1
    Vitesse maxi 180 pcs/min
    Precision de coupe +/- 1mm
    Precision d'impression +/- 0,5mm
    Epaisseur cliches maxi 7,2mm
    Profondeur de rainage 400mm
    Rapprochement mini entre les lames (montage normal) 160x160x160x160mm
    Rapprochement mini entre les lames (montage inverse) 250x60x250x60mm